Sections : Intmd Ceramics: Whl Thrw (Spring 2022 Semester ART-3701-01)

Art 3701-01 Intmd Ceramics: Whl Thrw
Refines the techniques associated with using the potter's wheel to make functional objects. Covers methods of precision wheel throwing, glaze application, and firing techniques. An introduction to glaze chemistry is covered (3 lecture and 3 studio; 6 total contact hours; may be repeated three times to earn up to twelve credit-hours).

Section Name: ART-3701-01
Departments: Div Of Arts And Letters
Prerequisites: Take ART-2701
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Comments: cross-listed with ART 2701-01; ART 4552-01 and ART 6562-01 
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