Sections : Intermediate Glass: Warm Glass (Spring 2022 Semester ART-3309-01)

Art 3309-01 Intermediate Glass: Warm Glass
Expands stained glass skills and focuses on glass as an art medium. Utilizing the kiln, students will learn not only the art processes of slumping, fusing, enameling, and melting glass to create their sculptures, but the technical processes end of annealing glass, different types of glass, and writing programs for various techniques in glass(3 lecture and 3 studio; 6 total contact hours; May be repeated three times - 9 credit-hours).

Section Name: ART-3309-01
Departments: Div Of Arts And Letters
Prerequisites: Take ART-2600
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Comments: cross-listed with ART 2600-01 and ART 4508-01 
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