Sections : Psyc of Spiritual Development (Spring 2020 Semester PSYC-3465-01)

Psychology 3465-01 Psyc of Spiritual Development
Examines spiritual development from a psychological perspective with a general focus on contemplative Christian spiritual development and intersection of other spiritual traditions. Topics includes psychological research on the stages of faith development, the psychology of contemplative spirituality, key features of ancient beliefs about spiritual formation, and multicultural aspects of spiritual development, such as the experiences of LGBTQQ persons.

Section Name: PSYC-3465-01
Departments: Psychology & Counseling
Prerequisites: PSYC-2201 or PSYC-3201
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Comments: cross-listed with RELS 3465-01 and GNSX 4000-04 
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